Pure & Simple

The Budding Artichoke Market is a food Store aimed at providing pure and simple products to people who are dedicated to superior health through a clean and healthy lifestyle.

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Farm to Table

Our market provides fresh locally sourced produce and sustainably sourced organic fruits and vegetables; local grass finished, hormone and antibiotics free meats which include a variety of chicken, duck, pork and beef; organic and gluten free grains; a wide array of herbs, spices and sweeteners; fresh baked local goods; locally made health products and much more.

Image by: Maria West Photography & High Point Discovered

Our Community

We do this with a pure heart and love for selling food to help you along in your dietary journey to find balance and total health of body, mind and spirit. We want to tell the stories of our producers and all the things that come along with farming and preparing food for our community. We believe that through food we can build community by sharing stories, sharing recipes and breaking bread.

Image By: Maria West Photography & High Point Discovered